As an NRI, you can invest your funds in various options. One of them includes the NRI investment in India. This has been created keeping in the mind the specific needs of these individuals. Tailored to suit your financial needs while keeping in mind the volatile market and probably investment options these investment options were created to ensure that they provide beneficial returns.


The NRE fixed deposit is one such investment option that makes an excellent choice for an NRI. If you are looking to invest your foreign funds, this is an ideal NRI investment in India. There are various benefits to this investment option as the interest that is earned on this fixed deposit is also tax free in India. Depending on the current exchange rates, you can get a higher return in terms of INR. Most of the banks encourage foreign investment on such investments, thereby providing exceptional rates when investing. These rates will last during the duration of the fixed deposit term. You will need to invest your funds for a minimum of one year in order to get the ideal return on investment; otherwise a premature withdrawal will lead to a penalty of deduction.


The FCNR fixed deposit is another favourable NRI investment in India. This account is mostly used only termed deposits. It can be used to invest multiple foreign currencies like the US dollar, the pound sterling, euro, Japanese yen, Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar. You will have to invest a minimum amount in this termed deposit. One benefit of this account deposit is that the principle amount along with the interest can be freely repatriable in the any currency of your choice, without the risk of any loss due to the conversion rate. In this account, another NRI or PIO status holding individual can also be a joint account holder.

Real Estate In India

While the Indian real estate industry may seem like the last play to invest in, it actually makes for an ideal investment in the long term. You will not only have your very own home after retirement in your home country, but it will make an excellent investment for the next generation. The current conversion rate of the foreign and local currency makes it an excellent time to invest your funds. With so many investment schemes existing in the market, this is an excellent time to invest for a long term property. Additionally, since the property has an appraisal value, it makes for an excellent investment that provides excellent returns or rental income.

As an NRI, you can earn in great amount, especially with foreign currency. However, with the smart investment strategy, you can get the returns you want.